TFS 2010 Over VPN Woes?

On vacation, so I have a few seconds to post! 

WARNING:  Dirty hack ahead.

Here’s a little annoyance that’s been biting at my heels the past few days—how to connect to Team Foundation Server 2010 Source Control over a virtual private network (VPN).

I think it might be a common enough occurrence; people leave the office domain and still need to connect to source control.  So they fire up a VPN connection and try to access the server. 

In my case, I would experience timeouts.  Whether I tried to connect through Visual Studio, or to the “server/tfs/web” website, whatever I tried would simply hang until the operation times out.  I wasn’t able to locate any errors in the event log, in the firewall dropped packet log, or in IIS.

While attempting various solutions,  I stumbled upon a dirty hack which can help you if you’re suffering the same issue. 

What I did was I added a new binding to the Team Foundation Server for port 80.  I had to delete the default website in IIS first, since it was already bound to port 80; I could have changed its binding to something other than 80 or specified a domain, but its useless and so into the recycle bin it went.  I also didn’t change the default binding for TFS (port 8080) so I didn’t have to tell anybody to update their settings.

So, why did this work?

I.  Don’t.  Know.

That’s why (at this point) it’s a dirty hack.  I guess I could spend an hour or so tracing through the settings within the firewall and IIS to find exactly what is different between a website bound to port 80 and the rules set up for TFS, but I decided to post the hack up instead.

Hope this helped!