Silverlight Conference Call Wrap-up

Microsoft SilverlightTook some of my lunch break to listen in on today's conference control on Silverlight with Scott Guthrie

As expected, Silverlight 2 is RTM and will be available on the 14th of October.  Scott took the first few minutes bragging about Silverlight's recent accomplishments, such as all the records for streaming broken by the Olympics broadcast by NBC.  He also spoke about all the major players that will be releasing Silverlight content with the release of 2.0.  Examples include BlockBuster, who will be using Silverlight for movie reviews, and AOL, who will be releasing a browser-hosted e-mail application using the plugin.

Probably the biggest news is that Microsoft is going to partner with Soyatech to bring Silverlight development to Eclipse on Windows and, later, on other desktops.

Another interesting bit of news is the creation of the Silverlight Control Pack project on Codeplex.  I don't see it yet, but supposedly it has 11 controls ready to go and they are  looking to hit 50+ controls in the coming few years.  This is good news for people developing Silverlight apps as the default controls are a bit lacking. 

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