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Just a quick note… If you don’t use Sysinternals tools, you must not be programming anything important.  Its the be-all, end-all of windoze troubleshooting tools. 

But sometimes getting those tools where you need them is inconvenient.  For instance, say you need to use Process Monitor to figure out why your ASP.NET website is bombing out during the compilation phase on a production server.  The error logs won’t help you; all you get is a FNF without the filename that wasn’t found in the error message (thanks, framework guys!).

You’re connected to the server over an RDP.  How do you get procmon on the server?  You can Google the addy for Sysinternals and then click through a few pages to download it.  Of course, you’ll have to specifically allow every page you have to click through due to the extended security on the 2k3 box.  Or you might find port 80 is blocked completely by the client’s corporate firewall. 

You could then try to copy it over the RDP… OOPS!  You forgot to set up disk and desktop sharing.  Or maybe you’re bandwidth to the server is a 1/2 inch diameter pipe due to some stringent QoS settings.

Well, the Sysinternals guys just made it a whole lot easier.  They set up a network share on the internets.


You can open it up in any Explorer window like any other network share, as long as you can get to the internet.  You can download the apps directly by copying them, or just run them over the share.  For example, open a cmd window and run Filemon directly:


Its just that bad-ass.

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10 Responses to Sysinternals File Share

  1. incubii says:

    [quote]If you don’t use Sysinternals tools, you must not be programming anything important.[/quote]

    I agree that these tools are an awesome compliment to any windows coder and administrator. How ever i dont agree with that sentence. What about people that code for *nix and *bsd among other things. They do not require these tools at all.

    Their work is just as important.

    Just thought i would point that out :)

  2. Wade Mealing says:

    If you don’t use Sysinternals tools, you must not be programming anything important.

    Or.. just not writing for windows :)

  3. fritz says:

    Yeah, running (trusted?) executables directly from the Internet, very bad-ass. And what firewall blocks port 80 but doesn’t block Netbios/smb traffic?

  4. Duncan Smart says:

    Nit pick: it’s not really a "File Share" as such – it’s WebDAV, i.e. HTTP. Windows uses its WebDAV redirector to make it *appear* to be a UNC/SMB share. But it isn’t really.

  5. t35t0r says:

    it’s busted, no workie anymore

  6. This is great for remote assistance.
    I recommend you to use a shared drive unit:

    net use s: \\\tools

  7. Will says:

    incubii: What is this *nix you speak of?
    Wade Mealing: BANNED.
    fritz: I’m guessing you’ve run some stuff you downloaded from a network before. Be as paranoid as you want to be.
    Duncan Smart: More like Duncan Smartass, amirite? I’ll be sure to whip out my packet sniffers next time.

  8. Will says:

    Jokes aside, the share (WebDAV) is still up, tho it is not the fastest thing ever.

  9. wade mealing says:

    I guess that talking about other options is frowned on here. Long live free speech

  10. Will says:

    I don’t even know what that means. Nobody but spammers have been deleted; you haven’t at all.

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