Using DiffMerge with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server client

I hate the merge tool used by TFS.  It sucks.  I mean, it doesn’t even support ctrl-c!!!  So I was eager to check out SourceGear’s DiffMerge when I saw it come across DotNetKicks.  I haven’t spent much time using it, but what I’ve seen is friggen great.  I immediately wanted to change the diff tool in Visual Studio.  It isn’t intuitive, so I thought I’d add a quick guide to doing this here:

You can access the Options dialog under the Tools menu.  Just follow the numbers and you can change your diff tool too!


The above just shows the simple configuration for comparing files.  It doesn’t show how to configure DiffMerge as your merge tool.

First, the above arguments work, however the documentation says to use the following arguments when setting up DiffMerge for comparing:  /t1=%6 /t2=%7 %1 %2

To configure for merge, Add a new setting (step 3), repeat step 4, select Merge in Operation, repeat step 5, and use the following command line:  /m /r=%4 /t1=%7 /t2=%8 /t3=%6 /c=%9 %2 %3 %1